To keep your jewelry as the first day, I recommend that you do not expose them to water, sun, perfumes, alcohol or chemicals. 

Store them in a bag or jewelry box.

Cleaning the jewelry does not remove marks, scratches or dings.

The 925 silver pieces oxidize when exposed to air, liquids or substances from the skin, this is a natural process. The silver pieces you buy here are rhodium plated to slow this oxidizing process. The silver pieces can be cleaned with special cloths. A homemade trick can be to clean them gently with toothpaste.

Solid gold pieces do not oxidize, they can maintain their shine for a very long period of time.

Yellow gold or rose gold plated pieces require more care. I do not guarantee the durability of the baths as this depends on many factors such as friction with other materials, the use of chemicals for the skin, the skin pH level or body perspiration. This will cause wear of the surface material and the base material will be visible. Part bath technique, can be repeated as needed. You can ask me about it through the web contact form.

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